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This kind of ministry outreach is always a team effort. It starts with my wife and my kids and my friends, and all their encouragement and cheer. But over time, a network begins to grow—and as this ministry flourishes, I will keep adding people to this page to show my appreciation and mutual support. Note: My use of the term “partners” should not be construed to mean any formal relationship or endorsement. The people on this page have shown me a kindness, or been encouraging, or or have helped me in some mutual-support-for-the-bigger-cause kind of way—and they each have a heart to help dads do a great job, so I just want to show my appreciation. Like God says, “Iron sharpens iron.”  Here’s to keen edges!  🙂
John Finch Founder of The father Effect Visit his site. Watch his short movie, and please consider donating. And check out John’s new ministry (2015): which shares the same passion for helping fathers as this ministry does! You can follow the new ministry on Facebook and Twitter, too.
Watch my friend John’s amazing short film, below. A full-length version is in the works.
Rick Johnson Best-selling author, speaker and founder of See his books on Amazon and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

Rick’s book really good: picked it up in the airport in Charlotte waiting for a connection to Las Vegas. Was pretty useless to my traveling companion from then on out. Scribbled ots of margin notes, smiley faces, and highlights. Click this to get his book on Amazon.

Benjamin Watson is an NFL tight end for the New Orleans Saints, and a powerful supporter of dads and families. He is a frequent blogger and one of the most and eloquent, powerful, and influential voices for truth and faith on the internet today. You will find him at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.
Gary Moore is a full-time follower of Christ, a husband and father (three daughters), and a pastor. His meditations and musings on doctrine, ministry, family, photography…and oddball humor, can be found at

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